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A r t i s t   S t a t e m e n t

Avoiding chaos and discord in my environment, consciously and unconsciously, has been a major driving force throughout my life. I seek peace and harmony in all my endeavors. To avoid and control chaos, I have always occupied my time in fields that strive to create beauty, harmony and order such as art, architecture, space planning, interior design. The process of making art allows me to create a peaceful and secure environment for myself.

Made real and intensified by the loss of a parent and of the homeland at an early age, the IMPERMANENCE of the human condition is an unconscious undercurrent that drives the subject matter in some of my art and ties it all together: water, shadows, light, nature's ephemeral manifestations


Through my art, I would like to be acknowledged and appreciated not only for the end result but also for the heroic act of conquering chaos through beauty and peaceful means.  In sharing my art I wish to engage viewers on an emotional level, so they can simply be inspired and moved to find in their own lives the beauty and harmony that my creations help me find in mine.  

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